Emergency Repairs

BMT, responds rapidly to any emergency situation affecting the vessel’s integrity and provides immediate assistance through a full range 24 hours repair service, such as mechanical works, electrical and electronic repairs, cutting and welding or any other emergency ship repairs to be carried out.

Riding Squads

We can perform various works as the vessel continues its journey.
Qualified technicians can embark at any port to accomplish with the assignment till works completion. Like this the vessel doesn’t suffer delays or downtime in her schedule.


Programed/routine maintenance designed to ensure reliability of equipment before an accident or damage occurs.
Unexpected maintenance designed to correct damages and unexpected troubles can occur on vessels equipment.

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About Us

Who we are
Blay Marine Tech (BMT).
Blay, a surname with more than 100 years in the sector.
BMT is a family company which brings together “TRADITION & INNOVATION”. Founded by the fourth generation and integrated by professionals with wide and proven experience.
What we do
Discover Our Services. 
BMT is exclusively devoted to:
Ready to attend and solve any request in a really short notice and with the fastest response.
Why choose us
Best team, best results. 
Top class professionals with best experience in the field
All in one hand, we can manage from PDA to final repair coordinating all parts involved (lay by berth pier, authorities, class society, works on board, etc).
Multilingual staff. All of our foremen speak at least fluent english.


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  • ME Unit Overhaul and Liner Exchange
  • Hydroestatic Test For Cargo Hoses
  • Bow Thruster Replacement

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