Bow Thruster E-motor Overhauling Repairing

Work Overview
Vessel Type: Cargo Container Vessel
LOA: 147,87 mtrs.
BEAM: 23,45 mtrs.
G.T: 9.940 mt
Year of build: 2007
Port: Barcelona
 Time:  June 2015

Area affected:

Insulation of rotor and stator.

Terminals loosen of cable connections of the rotor

Ball bearings

Burned windings



Completely overhauling of the e-motor, and transportation to our workshop.

Deck insert to take out and lift up the e-motor.

Insulation values of the rotor and stator were measured.

Welding the cable connection terminals of the rotor.

Checking of washers, coupling and thermal switches.

Replacement of the ball bearings.

Rewinding, varnishing and heating up to 120ºC of the cooper coils on the stator. Were founded with sulfate marks and corrosion, probably coming from sea water.

Drying process during 24h in our workshop.

Mounting and assembling the e-motor in position on the vessel.

Dismantling of all accessories and replaced by new ones, supplied by us.


Special Characteristics:

All materials were included as described above.

Makers list was approved by Owner and Classification Society.

Works were supervised and accepted by vessel’s Class and Owners representative

Works were finished inside time margins agreed, avoiding further off hire



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