Anchor and Chain Installation



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Data Characteristics
Vessel Type: Cargo Container Vessel
LOA: 208,28 mtrs.
BEAM: 29,80 mtrs.
G.T: 25.705 mt
Year of build: 1999
Port: Algeciras – Anchorage
 Time: 8 hours ( February 2016)



The main purpose of this job was to install a new starboard side anchor plus 13 shackles when the vessel was anchored at Algeciras bay.

Transport of the 13 shackles and the anchor in 3 containers from Antwerp port to Algeciras.

Once the chain and anchor were discharged from containers, we started to join at the warehouse, shackles two by two using kenters.

We prepared the first length, which will be fitted on the stopper of the windlass and consequently the end on the bitter end, remained without kenter.

Loading of shackles to platform truck in order to transport them in to the barge.

The truck was discharged by a mobile crane in order to transfer the chain into the barge.

Due to vessel on anchorage and small dimensions of barge, two trips have been made. One with 10 lengths and one with the remaining 3 lengths and the anchor.

Once barge was fasten alongside the vessel, one team claimed on board and the other one remained at the barge.

The first shackle was connected and secured to vessel’s mooring rope. Slowly going, the mooring winch was starting to lift it up until connection of the first shackle on the teeth of windlass.

Later on, the shackle was going throw the hawse pipe and consequently inside the chain locker.

When the first shackle was secured, next step was to connect it by a kenter to the rest of 9 shackles remaining on board the barge.

Once the 10 shackles were installed on the vessel, the barge left to pick up the remaining lengths and the anchor.

On the pier, anchor was connected to remaining shackles and loaded on board the barge.

When barge returned alongside we had to connect the shackles and anchor on the last chain length that was pending through the anchor hole. Finally, the anchor was lifted up and secured at rest position.


Special Characteristics:

 All materials were included as described above.

Makers list was approved by Owner and Classification Society.

Anchor serial number was approved by Classification Society and insurance surveyor.

Works were performed during vessel’s stay at anchorage area.

Works were supervised and accepted by vessel’s Class, insurance surveyor and Owner.

Works were finished inside time margins agreed, avoiding further delays.







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