Bow Thruster Replacement




Data Characteristics
Vessel Type: Container Vessel
LOA: 141,5 mtrs.
BEAM: 22,60 mtrs.
G.T: 10.609 mt
Year of build: 2008
Port: Algeciras Port
 Time: 5 days (April 2016)


Working Area:

Bow Thruster Room

Bow Thruster Tunnel.



Removal of electrical connections. Dismantling of e-motor.

Dismantling of pipes from hydraulic system.

Drained of oil from BT.

Cutting of BT tunnel grids, anodes and plates inside BT tunnel.

Dismantling of coupling with high pressure pump.

Preparation of chain blocks for BT manoeuvre. Welding of pad eyes inside BT tunnel for BT manoeuvring.

Extraction of BT.

Installation of new BT mounted on sledge fabricated according with maker instructions.

Assembly of coupling.

Installation of e-motor. Electrical connections.

Welding of plates and anodes inside BT tunnel.

Installation of strut plate. Installation of BT tunnel grids.


Special Characteristics:

Extraction and installation of BT  from BT tunnel carried out with assistance of lorry crane & telescopic cherry picker.

Manoeuvre of BT inside BT tunnel done with assistance of diving team.







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