E/R Cranes Cargo Load Test




Data Characteristics
Vessel Type: Container Vessel
LOA: 299,98 mtrs.
BEAM: 40,30 mtrs.
G.T: 73.172 mt
Year of build: 2001
Port: Valencia Port
 Time: 4 hours (  March 2016)


Cargo Load Test up to 15.6 TN – E/R crane 12.5 TN + safety margin of 25% was applied.

This test was performed by fixing the hook on a reinforced point of E/R floor and then lift up to required value of the test.

Cranes supported mentioned force during 10 minutes.


Special Characteristics:

 All equipment used to perform the test were approved by the vessel and BV surveyor.

Works were performed during vessel’s port stay.

Works were accepted by surveyor and vessel.

Works were finished inside time margins agreed, avoiding further delays.

Dynamometer certified and calibrated by external company.






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