Hull Cleanning

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Data Characteristics
Vessel Type: Ro-Ro Cargo Ship
LOA: 153,38 mtrs.
BEAM: 23,60 mtrs.
G.T: 10.488 mt
Year of build: 1999
Port: Barcelona Port
 Time: 1 day (  March 2016)



The main purpose of this work was to clean HFO spills on hull and deck that occurred from a broken nipple of a pressure gauge, during bunker operations.

Cleaning jobs on deck and surrounding containers were performed with rags and biodegradable chemical.

During cleaning jobs on deck and hull, antipollution barriers were installed around the vessel to avoid spill expansion, as per port authority’s instructions.

Once deck was completely clean, job continued on starboard side of the hull from waterline until upper deck.

Hull cleaning was also made with rags, chemical and the help of three cherry pickers to reach all points and inaccessible areas.


Special Characteristics:

 Works were supervised and accepted by vessel’s Class, insurance surveyor

Chemical product was approved by MARPOL authorities.

Antipollution barriers were certified by MARPOL.

Works were performed during vessel’s port stay.

Works were accepted by vessel.

Works were finished inside time margins agreed, avoiding further delays.








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