Hydroestatic Test For Cargo Hoses




Data Characteristics
Vessel Type: Cargo Oil Tanker
LOA: 90,22 mtrs.
BEAM: 16,00 mtrs.
G.T: 3212 mt
Year of build: 2010
Port: Barcelona Port
 Time: 8 hours (April 2016)



The main purpose of hydrostatic hose test is to check for leakages or deformations, conductivity/continuity and elongation applying the maximum allowed pressure during a specific period of time

Three sets of blind flanges 4”, 6” and 8” (ANSI 150) with proper connections were used to connect our equipment and seal the hoses.

Hoses were filled up with water until all air was purged.

Lately, hoses were pressurized up to 15 bar with a pressure pump.

Hydrostatic test was performed keeping the hose at 15 bar during 15 minutes.

During this waiting time Ohmic resistance, elongation and visual tests were performed.

Once the hose passed the test successfully, the residue was drained to vessel’s Slop tanks.


Special Characteristics:

All materials and electrical pump were fabricated/provided by us from our local delegation.

Works were performed during vessel’s port stay.

Works were accepted by vessel.

Works were finished inside time margins agreed, avoiding further delays.

Certificates were delivered on board before old ones get expired.









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