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J.M. Blay

Blay, a surname with more than 100 years in the sector.

BMT is a family company which brings together “TRADITION & INNOVATION”. Founded by the fourth generation and integrated by professionals with wide and proven experience.


Our BMTeam, responds rapidly to any emergency situation affecting the vessel’s integrity and provides immediate assistance through a full range 24 hours repair service, such as mechanical works, electrical and electronic repairs, cutting and welding or any other emergency repairs to be carried out.

CLT Experts

Periodical certification of cargo gears by water bags and certified load cells
Lifeboat Davit testing.
Services can be provided during cargo operations or at anchorage and/or under class supervision.
Dynamic and static load test

Crane Repairs

We can supply a high range of service to offer real solutions on board to keep your crane in operation or minimize the time out of service.
We provide assistance in Hydraulic, mechanical & electrical repairs and assistance with structural engineering.


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We always deliver on time

We are known for our flexibility, qualified and multilingual staff and we fully comply with the labour risk prevention and the ruling port regulations.

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